Thursday, July 31, 2008

How to be a good presenter

There have many ways to be a good presenter. And it required a multiple stage. First at all, before the day to present, we must make a lot of reading so we can give and provide a lot of information to audience. Make sure that the speech that will be going to elaborated and to inform have memories, just remember the main point that will be talk out.

To be a good presenter, there have a lot of criteria that needed to obey. First, while giving a speech, do not ever backing the audience. It will show our rudeness and not respect to audiences. While giving a speech, don’t ever look at the text whole over the time. This is the most been hated by audience. You need to have an eye contact to audience. You can refer to the text but just for a second. To make the speech more interesting, we can show a slide or anything for example a power point, short movies and also images as long it is related to your speech. Body movement also gives impact to audience. If you just stand and talk like a robot, I guarantee the audience will sleep. Also one of the important things is our intonation and our face mimic. It shows our emotions, examples while gratitude someone we show our smile face. If you sow a serious face or unsatisfied face, it give a different meaning to the person that you gratitude. Intonation must be suitable on the text that we will talk about. Don’t ever show our mistake while giving a talk and if you do so you must immediately cover it, once you make mistake audience will never show there respect to you.

All the statement above is guide to make and deliver a good speech to audience. The good speech will give good impression of you from the audience. Make sure use this guideline that have been given hope on day everyone will present good speech .

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