Sunday, October 26, 2008

Design own t-shirt

Craft Knife, Image print outs, Thin clear PVC sheet, silk screen, squeegee, t-shirt paint, hair dryer, Spray Adhesive, Cutting mat, baking paper, iron, MDF/Timber panel t-shirt template.

Time: <90 minutes

1) Design and print out your graphics.
2) Spray adhesive the back of your print outs and stick to the PVC sheeting,
3) Cut out your graphics from the PVC sheeting
4) Spray Adhesive the back of the PVC sheeting
5) Place tshirt template/cardboard inside tee to keep it flat
6) Place and position your PVC sheet with graphics cut out.
7) Press it down and paint it up! Or silk screen the paint through
8) Carefully remove the PVC sheet
9) Hair dry until touch dry
10) Put baking paper over the painted graphics and iron it up!
11) Clean your PVC sheet for possible future use and store
12) Put your tee on, go out and feel proud of what you just achieved :)

Lessons & tips:
From a sheet of timber/MDF trace your t-shirt size on to it and cut it out. this is handy to put inside your tee when you position your graphics, keeps your t-shirt flat and easier to paint!

Takes a small bit of practice - using too much spray adhesive makes it more difficult to remove the PVC sheet.

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