Thursday, October 23, 2008

save money on food

1. Feed your family well from the Food Guide
Pyramid. Keep them healthy and you’ll save
on medical bills.
2. Plan your meals one week at a time. First,
review the grocery ads to take advantage
of specials. Make a shopping list from your menu
plan with the ads.
3. Plan one meatless day per week.
4. When you use the oven, try to cook more
than one item while it is hot. Cook the main
dish, dessert, vegetables, quick breads, or other
foods at the same time in the oven.
5. Stretch ground meat with bread crumbs,
oatmeal, or tomato sauce.
6. Mix one-part nonfat dry milk with one part
regular milk. The family will never know the
7. Prepare some of your own convenience
foods, master mixes, and desserts at home.
8. Prepare a large quantity of standard recipes,
such as spaghetti sauce, chili, pastries, and
stews. Then label and freeze them for later use.
This not only saves time but also allows you to buy
larger amounts of basic ingredients at lower prices.
9. Waste less! Each year Alabamians throw
many dollars worth of food into garbage
cans. This happens not only at home but also in
restaurants and school cafeterias.
10. Eat less expensive foods; drink less expensive
11. Entertain with “pot lucks” or inexpensive
buffets such as lasagna and salad.
12. Grocery shop when you are not hungry.
It will help you avoid impulse buying.
13. Cut your food shopping trips to no more
than one a week. You will save gasoline,
time, and money.
14. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables, fruit juices
and milk drinks, oatmeal and peanut butter
cookies, and popcorn instead of junk food. You’ll
be healthier.
15. Grow your own fruits and vegetables. Can,
freeze, and dry some of them for future use.

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