Sunday, October 26, 2008

To be a leader

step 1..Natural leader do not wait for any letter of appointment to execute his leadership agenda. Knowledge helps to clarify the "what is all about" his organisation. Applied knowledge of those theories are very essential. Communication skill helps to dilute or unfreeze the members personal believe that might be hindrances and to unfreeze to the new level so to execute the organisation's mission.

step 2..Degree of influence to the organisation through communication skill would enhance members new aspiration that moving the whole organisation towards fulfillment of the organisation's vision. There are many different type of influence and power. One of the best is the reference power. Members always refer to the leader in order to get assure where thing be done rightly.

step 3..The best way to maintain the organisational integrity is to symbolise the organisation as a big family where as a leader he may act as The Family Big Brother.

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